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Gift Idea: Meal in a Jar

December 22, 2011


Making a preppers christmas present

I think a lot about ways that I can make steps to preparedness look “normal” and “doable” for the doubters in my life.  Also, I have been thinking about alternatives to MREs.  Those two things collided in my mind when I saw a display of cookbooks in an Amish store.  They all featured Meals in […]

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Mice: My Nemeses

November 8, 2011


Since my previous posting about mice, we have continued to battle them.  They are a thorn in my side.  If only our rabbits were so prolific! I’ve learned a few things in the recent months of this war that I thought I’d share with you. Mice are inexplicably drawn to silicone kitchen utensils. I have […]

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Alternatives to Kitchen “Throw-Aways”

October 27, 2011


reducing your disposables

The U.S. is definitely a society accustomed to instant this and disposable that.  While not very “green,” it sure is convenient.  If we don’t feel like washing dishes, we can use paper or foam plates and toss them after one use.  We no longer have the milkman deliver to us in glass bottles that we […]

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How to Use Mylar Bags in Food Storage, part 2

October 21, 2011


sealing mylar with an iron

In a previous pieces, I explained the reasons you may want to take some steps to keep your food stores safe from air, light, and critters.  Here, I want to give an explanation of how to use mylar bags and plastic buckets to safeguard your food. Assemble Your Materials In order to seal your food […]

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Product Review: Tattler Canning Lids

October 12, 2011


tattler reusable canning lids

I have been canning for a number of years now.  I enjoy doing it and it does my heart good to see wholesome homemade food lining our cupboards.  I’ve tried to pick up more cases of canning jars every year hoping to fill every one with healthful produce from our garden.  From a preparedness standpoint, […]

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Shelf-Life: What Do Expiration Dates Really Mean?

September 30, 2011


What do food expiration dates mean?

You’ve probably noticed that nearly every food has a date on it these days.  It may say “use by,” “freshest before,” “expiration,” or “best by,” but essentially you get the impression that most grocery items won’t do you much good for long-term storage. Is there a maximum amount we can store? One of my main […]

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Freeze Food at Your Own Peril

September 13, 2011


Old freezer full of food

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a bargain shopper by nature and a long-term meal planner.  I determine (sometimes months in advance) a calendar for dinners and then try to shop accordingly.  If the sales don’t cooperate with my plan, I rearrange the menu to suit what’s been priced to sell. Routinely, […]

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How to Use Mylar Bags in Food Storage, Part 1

September 12, 2011


Storing Food in Mylar Bags

If you have been trying to accumulate extra foodstuffs to hedge against inflation, crop failure, etc., then you have probably wondered how you will make sure all that bulk food is still good when you want to eat it.  Canned goods are pretty well sealed up and impervious to insects, moisture, and so on, but […]

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The Many Varied Uses Of DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

September 9, 2011


What Is Diatomaceous Earth? If you are not familiar with DE, it stands for diatomaceous earth.  It is composed of the remains of microscopic aquatic organisms that formed layers that can be mined.  The safe, multi-purpose kind is a white powder (“amorphous silica”), labeled as “food grade.”  It contains minerals like iron and silica and […]

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The Buzz About Honey

August 25, 2011


Honey has long been a valued foodstuff.  Unlike sugar cane and other sources of sweetness, the work is just about all done for you.  You don’t have to plant, weed, or harvest anything.  You let the bees do what God programmed them to do and you get a share.  Being the good little preppers that […]

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