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Why Do You Prepare?

August 1, 2012


Are preppers doom and gloomers?

“Don’t you get tired from all of that worrying? All that doom and gloom stuff just wears me out.” If you’ve ever shared your thoughts on prepping with a close friend or family member, you’ve probably been asked a similar question. Many non-preppers believe that as preppers, we sit around all day worrying that the […]

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Using Traditional Skills

July 25, 2012


using traditional skills to share prepping with others

How do you share the need for prepping with your friends and local community without revealing too much? A community well organized is prepared for a disaster. They can bond together to pool resources, to provide security, to carry on as best they can in the aftermath of a TEOTWAWKI style event. But there’s a […]

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Talking Survival with SHTFBlog’s Jarhead Survivor

June 5, 2012

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microphone for interview

The thing that I most enjoy about the prepper community is the people. Sure you can learn a lot from web sites like this one and others, but in the end it’s the people I get to meet and occasionally talk with that make it engaging for me. Recently I had an opportunity to spend […]

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