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Eating A Snake

September 1, 2011


My youngest daughter reached into the nesting box to collect the day’s eggs as she had done many times before. It’s a routine that she enjoys, helping Mommy collect the eggs. Yet this time was different. She abruptly withdrew her hand with a startled shriek. “I don’t want to touch the snake!” Fortunately Laura was with […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy, Part 2: Mint

July 21, 2011


If there is one flavor that just about everyone can conjure up a mental memory of, it’s mint.  From candy canes to chewing gum, it’s a popular treat.  Most of us associate mint with freshness and that is why most toothpastes are flavored with it.  The leaves tend to leave a pleasant aftertaste in the […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy, Part 1: Plantain

July 8, 2011


In our age of “modern medicine,” we have come to expect that most every health problem we have should be treated with a pill, procedure, or surgery.  Not only is this very expensive, but it seems that every few weeks another “miracle drug” is recalled and lawsuits pile up when it turns out to be […]

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Where the Wild Things Are (Dandelions On the Table), Part 1

June 24, 2011


If you have been giving my bean-eating challenge a fair chance, you’ve probably realized that incorporating some new storage friendly foods into your diet isn’t as hard as you thought it would be (and hopefully you are actually enjoying these new dishes!). A New Challenge I have a new challenge- what can you FIND OUTSIDE […]

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