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A Different Kind of Food-in-a-Bucket Plan

March 22, 2012


storing food by the meal

A while back, I posted a series of pieces on why and how you should protect your food for the long-term.  I suggested ways to get rid of pests and keep out oxygen and light so that the food would remain viable and nutritious for longer periods of time.  The main way I proposed was […]

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Winter Driving: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

January 23, 2012


winter snow

As I peck away at the keyboard while writing this post, a harsh wind howls just outside my office window. The snow is blowing laterally, seemingly defying gravity, if only for an instant. It’s cold outside and I’m very happy to be in a warm, dry home right now. It Could Happen to You I […]

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Pacific Northwest Survival

January 20, 2012


The following article has been contributed by Rob Toledo, an avid outdoorsman and prepper in the Pacific Northwest. It has been published with permission of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of Let’s pretend for a second… You’re in the Pacific Northwest of North America on a winter day, dropped off […]

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Why Safety Pins Should be in Your Survival Kit

December 9, 2011


safety pins as a survival tool

Small, lightweight, and multi-purpose items are sure to find their way into my every day carry survival kit. And few things are smaller, weigh less, and are as varied in their uses as standard safety pins. Repairing Clothing and Gear Often when we think of uses for safety pins, the idea of temporarily repair garments […]

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Why Garbage Bags Should Be in Your Survival Kit

November 22, 2011


Americans produces lots of trash each year

According to a 2008 Environmental Protection Agency study, Americans produce a staggering 1.35 billon pounds of garbage each day. Much of that waste is disposed of in a common household item: the plastic trash bag. Despite being thrown away thousands of times daily, garbage bags can be an invaluable tool for the survivor. They are […]

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Why a Handkerchief Should Be In Your Survival Kit

November 17, 2011


Boy Scouting in the 20th Century

Sir Baden-Powell founded the original Boy Scouts in England following his defense of the town of Mafeking in the Second Boer War in South Africa. The original uniform for the Boy Scouts included a Handkerchief folded in half and worn conveniently around the neck. His decision to include this accessory was not merely one of […]

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Choosing a Winter Sleeping Bag: Down vs Synthetic

November 14, 2011


The right sleeping bag can help you stay warm in the winter

A cold wind blows in from the northwest bringing with it a chance for rain. Unpacking your gear, you wonder if camping this weekend is really worth the effort. It’s going to get cold; it’s predicted to be the coldest night this season. But you can’t always choose when you’ll need to effect survival so […]

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The Traveler’s Dilemma

October 20, 2011


traveling after teotwawki

My duffle bag lay on the bed stuffed with four days worth of clothes. Socks and undershirts, pants and unmentionables all placed as neatly inside the REI bag. My shaving kit and a few other odds and end round out the space inside. It’s just the right size for nearly a week’s travel. As I […]

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The Prepper’s Vehicle

September 14, 2011


The Ultimate Preppers Vehicle

Preppers always try to anticipate the needs they may have in any situation and plan accordingly.  It may seem obvious, but that should go for your mode of transportation too. The Bug-Out Vehicle Your personal transportation in the case of emergency travel is often referred to as a “bug-out vehicle.”  For some, this would be […]

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The Get-Home Car Kit

September 7, 2011


get home kit for you vehicle

If you have begun considering different scenarios that you may want to prepare for, it has probably occurred to you that some may begin while you are away from home.  For most of us, our first priority is going to be getting back to that refuge of safety.  It’s possible, especially if home is in […]

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