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First Aid Refreshers, part 4: Minor Burns

January 31, 2012


treating minor burns with first aid

Thus far in the First Aid Refreshers series, we’ve covered fevers, wound care, and shock.  Those are important topics, but there is another one right up there with those- burns. Our lives are pretty comfortable right now.  We have the convenience of electric heat, stoves/ovens, and so on.  If we are building a fire, it […]

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Baking Soda: Another Wonder Substance

January 13, 2012


uses of baking soda

A while back, I wrote a piece extolling the virtues of vinegar.  I want to focus some attention on another inexpensive multipurpose agent-  sodium bicarbonate. Nearly everyone has a box or two of this humble stuff hanging around.  You probably have one in the pantry and maybe another in the fridge to keep it from […]

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First Aid Refreshers, part 3: Shock

January 6, 2012


treating shock

When someone has sustained an injury, we are pretty well conditioned to check for breathing, heartbeat, and profuse bleeding.  In the absence of problems with any of those, we may be tempted to dismiss the injury as “no big deal” when other things may in fact being going on within the body that are harder […]

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First Aid Refreshers, part 2: Wound Care

December 1, 2011


Bandaging a wound

There are certain number of cuts, scrapes, and bruises that are a part of everyone’s life.  We rarely think much about them, unless it is one of our children crying with a boo-boo.  Then we may soothe the tears with a Scooby-Doo bandage and pat them on the head. Usually, this works out alright and […]

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The Importance of Soap

November 29, 2011


Don't neglect soap in your prepping

This may seem like such an obvious thing that it is hardly worthy of a posting unto itself.  In our present world of liquid pump soaps and alcohol gels, you may rarely give it any thought.  I would argue that soap is something we should all give a bit more thought to. By general definition, […]

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First Aid Refresher: Working with Your Body, part 1

November 16, 2011


first aid kit

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much I can forget in the intervals between using my knowledge.  “Red then yellow, kill a fellow” or was it “black then yellow…” for a coral snake?   Another amusing example came as a friend of mine quoted again recently, “It’s those intervening years between babies that […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy, part 3 – Mullein

October 19, 2011


white mullein

As a youth and young adult, I became interested in environmental and nature-related things. Somewhere along the way, I began to read bits and pieces about “herbal remedies” and such things. I was a product of the 20th century, though, so I shook my head, smiled, and clucked my tongue at such crude treatments. I have a much different viewpoint now.

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The Spices of Life: Turmeric

September 20, 2011


Keeping spices in your prepping supplies

Those of us who advocate preparedness often focus largely on accumulating staple items like wheat and beans, but often give inadequate mention of flavorings that make those foods appealing. As you store away those bags and buckets of food, are you also stocking up on spices to make all those storage-friendly foods palatable?  If not, […]

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Water Rescues: Reach, Throw, Row, Go

September 15, 2011


No Life Guard Reach Throw Row Go

Jimmy Austin was an avid fisherman. He loved to spend late summer afternoons on the water practicing his hobby and bringing home fish for the dinner table. Concerned for the next generation, he regularly took foster kids with him to the lake to get them off the couch and to re-introduce them to the great […]

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The Many Varied Uses Of DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

September 9, 2011


What Is Diatomaceous Earth? If you are not familiar with DE, it stands for diatomaceous earth.  It is composed of the remains of microscopic aquatic organisms that formed layers that can be mined.  The safe, multi-purpose kind is a white powder (“amorphous silica”), labeled as “food grade.”  It contains minerals like iron and silica and […]

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