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Knowing What Food To Buy

May 11, 2011


I was quite overwhelmed when I first began trying to store a large supply of food.  Some of the things that were most difficult for me to figure out initially in my food stocking was what to buy, how much of it, and how long it would last? Enough For One Year? If I wanted […]

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Stocking the Pantry

April 11, 2011


One of the most reassuring things in this time of future uncertainty is a fully-stocked pantry.  There is something so comforting in knowing that we could go for months without a trip to the grocery store if we had to. If a trucker’s strike disrupts the supply chain and restocking of food, we’ll be okay.  […]

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Buying Food Insurance

April 8, 2011


We were inclined toward “prepping” long before we knew there was a term for it. I have always liked having a well-stocked pantry, a first aid kit in my car, and extra diapers and a change of clothes for my children no matter where I go. Where To Start? When our awareness of the need to […]

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