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The Spices Of Life, Part 1: Cinnamon

July 29, 2011


As you work on storing up food for the future, it is important not to overlook a very important aspect- spices!  It’s all well and good to have a quarter ton of wheat, stacks of buckets containing rice and beans, and mylar bags full of oatmeal, but won’t that be mighty bland by itself? The […]

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Beans, Part 5

July 27, 2011


So, have you made a sincere commitment to incorporating more nutritious, inexpensive, meal-extending beans into your diet yet?  Have you been practicing rotation of your food storage?   No? Okay, I understand.  But I defy you to find ANYone who would not like this recipe!!  It is a new family favorite.  Please try it and then […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy, Part 2: Mint

July 21, 2011


If there is one flavor that just about everyone can conjure up a mental memory of, it’s mint.  From candy canes to chewing gum, it’s a popular treat.  Most of us associate mint with freshness and that is why most toothpastes are flavored with it.  The leaves tend to leave a pleasant aftertaste in the […]

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Beans, Part 4 (a.k.a. Going Beyond the Basics)

July 7, 2011


You’ve put in a supply of pintos and Great Northern beans but you’re looking for something with a fresh appeal. A little more variety will help you sell them to others too. You don’t want appetite fatigue. There are some really beautiful beans out there, so attractive that I’d like to have them visible in […]

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The Necessity of Salt

July 6, 2011


Kudos to you if you have begun buying and storing bulk food.  Twenty-five and fifty pound bags of beans, rice, wheat, sugar, oats and so on will really help you stretch your prepping budget.  Now, we need to think about how to make all that food palatable.  The most basic place to start is with […]

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Soup: Hearty Comfort in a Bowl

June 30, 2011


To me, there is something very “homey” about a big bowl of steaming soup. I don’t mean the stuff you scrape out of tin can and then pour some water into before microwaving. I’m talking about the “simmer on the stove for hours” stuff. Where you take a little of this and a little of […]

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How to Cook with Cast Iron Pans

June 22, 2011


In a previous post, I recommended investing in cast iron pans that will last you a lifetime rather than a series of non-stick aluminum ones that will need replacing every few years.  Now I want to address how cooking with cast iron is a bit different than with newer non-stick cookware. What does it mean […]

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Invest in Cast Iron Pans

June 3, 2011


When Joe and I got engaged, I was given a set of well-seasoned cast iron pans by his grandparents. At the time, I thought that a bunch of used heavy old-fashioned skillets and pans were just about the last thing I’d ever use in the kitchen, especially after the admonition never to use soap on […]

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